Friday, March 10, 2006

School, work and Easter camp

Easter camp! It's coming up fast!
I was really glad to see in our school notices that the first notice on the list was
advertising Easter camp 06. That is really awesome as Cashmere is far
from a Religious school. It's also really great to see Spreydon youth leaders constantly
showing up at our school. They often come to play sports and help fundraise for various
things. They also have a lot to do with our school events.

School - This week has been a pretty full on week for me. It started off with our English
static image assesment which we have to work on at home. It's worth like 3 credits, but as I worked Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't have a whole lot of spare time. Also, today we had our Algebra maths exam worth 4 credits...So basically I've spent this whole week working and revising...

I'm also looking foward to my birthday, which is in 12 days :D