Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy new year

So the days have past again lacking posts. How time flys...I continue to stagger along this broken road I've come to know as life. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel ? I know not. But excitements do come as I eagerly await Parachute and a trip to Aussy. I had a good Christmas, sharing with those who mean much. But alas, it sadens me as I realise what Christmas today has become. To many now, Christmas means presents, gifts, santa and sadly, a time to party till you're completely "wasted". It moves further and further away from the truth - Jesus' birth.

I did have some delight as Christmas approached, though. While working at the Christmas Journey in town, I had a long chat to a man from Greece. He spoke only a little english but offered meaning to what he had to say. He talked of Greece, and how they didn't really celebrate Christmas as we do. In Greece, Christmas doesn't involve giving gifts, or sitting on santa's knee. They just celebrate with a massive family meal, perhaps the most important thing. He continued to go on, saying he thought it was much better that way, as there was no stress involed - no stress of buying gifts and what-not. At first I thought he was putting down our Christmas, but as half an hour passed, He did manage to change that first thought. He said that giving was also important but the stress of buying presents now makes Christmas a stressful time, and to him - not worth it.

I'm not saying don't buy presents, because I think everybody enjoys giving and receiving gifts. I just want to put forward the idea that it doesn't matter so much what you give or get at Christmas, just remember why God gave us Jesus - Love. So at Christmas time, spend it with the people whom you really care for, and thank God for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Blogger blessedchick said...

christmas is moving further and further away form what it truly means but i hope that i can keep the truth alive in my family.
It gives me joy to give presents to see a persons face light up to recieve a gift that they really love. This year i think my Mother actually like her present and Alyssa when she opened her Thomas train set. I gave gift to people i didn't really need to this year but it is my way of saying how much i appreciate their help amd friendship. And random people who are hard to buy for and you see that they are using the present you gave them, fills me with joy.
And i did spend Christmas with those who mean most to me.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Mark Wilson said...

Great :D

11:30 PM  
Blogger blessedchick said...

dude, you need to update

4:14 PM  

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