Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Camp

Easter camp was awesome!

Sure it had it's ups and downs, some of which I won't mention, but some of which I will :D

Spiritually, this Easter camp was the best for me. I felt as though I grew about 10 paces closer to God, and felt and still feel as though I have the ability to overcome any obstacles on my journey.

This year I enjoyed Satellite's music more than any other year. I think this was because I was worshiping more than trying to enjoy the songs. But also because they sang some of my favorite Satellite songs like "Let freedom ring" and "Who are you?" They also sang a new one which I thought was really cool.

Our youth group tent was pretty cool, nice place to chill out, chat, and listen to music.
We had a different group of Opawians this year, but we all got on relatively well :D

The speakers this year were really good. Christoph spoke really well, and was humorous as usual. The skinny white guy was really good too, and I really like the way he presented his sermons. I also thought he covered really difficult topics yet spoke really well on them.

Hmm...what else...

Oh yeah, I saw one of my good friends there, who isn't Christian, which was really awesome.
Cause yeah, he didn't seem the kind of person to be on a Christian camp, so good on him.

And to finish it off, the last night I helped out with security, so we chased and caught a few "grundy-runners" and told people off for staying up late. Gate security also caught lots of people trying to get through, but unfortunately we didn't catch the people letting off the sparkler bombs. To put it fairly though, they make a boring job fun.

So that's my Easter camp, I'm looking forward to hearing yours.



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